False claims: Security forces kill one resident, arrest 30 people in Letpadan

Subversive media spread false stories that one was killed and 30 arrested by security forces amidst the clashes in Yayngan Village, Letpadan Township, Bago Region, on 15 May.
There was no truth in the news, and there were no clashes with terrorists in and around Yayngan Village on that day. Terrorists planned to plant mines on the road connecting Yayngan Village and Htantaw Village on 13 May, and the security forces took the necessary security measures to ensure that the people were not hurt. But terrorists escaped with many injuries, said a responsible official.
Afterwards, the security forces cleared the place where terrorists were laying mines on the village road and seized the related equipment for hand-made mines. They also seized the bodies of two terrorists who were killed by bombs near Htantaw Village and hand-made mines and explosive devices.
Subversive media outlets are purposely spreading fake news on social sites to misrepresent the situation on the ground in order to dealt a political blow against the military and tarnish its reputation. — MNA/KZL

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