Farmers get profits as okra price increases

Women selecting the okra fruits for sale in market.  Photo: Myint Tun Min (Kawlin)
Women selecting the okra fruits for sale in market. Photo: Myint Tun Min (Kawlin)

Okra farmers in the villages of Kawlin and Wuntho townships in Sagaing Region, gained profits due to high price of okra (lady’s finger) this year compared to previous year, according to U Phoe Htein, an okra farmer from Oakpho Village in Wuntho Township.
“An acre of okra farm yields about 20,000 pieces of okra daily. Okra fruits were sold at K 2 to 3 per piece last year. But, they were being sold at K 5 to 7 per piece this year. Therefore, we got big profit this year,” said U Phoe Htein.
Daw Thay, a vegetable seller from Maying Zeya Village, also said “I directly purchase vegetables including okra fruits from the farmers, and sell them at Wuntho market. Last year, we, sellers, couldn’t purchase all the fruits produced the farms. But this year, we don’t get enough okra fruits that we want to purchase from the farms.”—Myint Tun Min (Kawlin) (Translated by Kyaw Zin Tun)

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