Farmers opt to grow kidney beans in Sagaing

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Kidney beans are widely cultivated in Phaungpyin Township, Mawlaik District in Sagaing Region. Photo: Ko Tun (Phaung Pyin)

Local people from Phaung Pyin Township are growing kidney beans more widely than other winter crops as they expect higher price this season, according to the local bean growers.
“Last year, the bean traders bought the kidney beans for K32,000 per basket in the kidney bean harvest season. But, the bean is sold for K28,000 or K30,000 per viss in the high yield season. The local growers can make a good profit when the bean can be harvested 25 baskets per acre. If the kidney beans could be produced highly, it can harvest from 25 and 40 baskets per acre. During the past years, the Kidney beans can yield not even 15 baskets per acre when the production dropped because of the bad weather condition. This year, we have grown the kidney beans rather late because of the flooding in the cultivation season. But, the local people grow the kidney beans which give a high yield in a short period,” said U Myint Thein, a local bean grower.
This year, the local grower rented the big tractors instead of the cattle and manual tractors for timely planting. The cultivation cost is also high. The growing of the kidney bean costs K310,000 per acre including ploughing, seeds, planting costs, input and plant maintenance costs and harvesting cost, he added.
The local farmers from Phaung Pyin township grow mainly the kind of bean species such as groundnut, hyacinth bean, black bean and other edible oil crops like sesame and sunflower. The local farmers also grow garlic on a commercial scale and a few onions. — Ko Tun (Phaung Pyin)(Translated by Hay Mar)

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