Farming arrangements needed for cotton farmers

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The agriculturalists should make arrangements for agricultural researches to be conducted on the market demand basis. They should also apply those researches in order to find solutions for the farmers, said Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation U Tin Htut Oo during a meeting held on 16 May.
They should support the private seed production industry for sufficient quality seeds. Only after they succeed, the department should produce seeds, and the seed farmers make commercial seeds. The department concerned will discuss the needed techniques in the long run.
The country has more than 390,000 acres of cotton cultivation. The Shwe Taung and Loon Kyaw farms produce quality cotton, and Ngwe Chi-6, Ngwe Chi -9, Ngwe Chi-11, Shwe Taung-8 and Shwe Taung-10 strains are more convenient for the farmers.
The officials conduct researches on cotton, agricultural method, plant nutrition, germs and the market.
The government also provides training to grow cotton with fertilizer, including techniques, seed production, and fertilizer management. —MNA

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