Farmland prices go up thanks to extension of water pumping plant

Following a project at the Waryar- Tharsi river water pumping station to extend its operation to provide water to another 1000 acres of farmland, the price of the farmland from the Myay Phyu-Mone Nyin village tract and Zeedaw village in Yesagyo Township in Magway Region has recently increased.
The price of an acre of farmland has increased to about Ks. two million, reaching between Ks.2.5 to 3 million, according to local farmers.
Farmers have to rely on rain to do cultivation there. Although they can acquire groundwater they found that it’s actually saltwater.
“The demand for people to purchase the farmland that include this area, that the pumping plant extends its operation to is higher, because farmers can grow crops any season. So the price of the farmland is increasing. Those who want to buy this land are offering higher prices,” said Ko Kyaw Oo, a farmer from the area.
The extension project has planned to irrigate river water to 1000 acres of farmland, but at the moment, river water can supply only 200 acres of farmland, according to an official from the Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department for Pakokku District.
The construction of the extension of the river water pumping station project has been completed making fresh water accessible for 200 acres of farmland, and an irrigation project was launched on 25 February to grow summer crops on the 200 acres.
The project started on 17 January and used Ks. five million from the Union Budget.
“We conducted the project within a month for 200 acres. When we are granted another budget allocation we will proceed to carry out the project for the remaining 800 acres of land,” said U Myint Oo, in charge of the Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department for Pakokku District.
Farmers are very glad for irrigated river water to reach their farmland because they could not grow crops successfully before although they have good soil.
“Previously, our cultivation did not come to fruition due to water shortages. From now on, we can irrigate river water. I was thinking to grow seasonal crops in all three seasons. I am going to grow beans in summer. I will grow rice paddy in the rainy season and chick peas in winter,” said U Yan Aye, a farmer from Mone Nyin village.
He added that his land in the past was the best farmland which yielded higher agricultural produce because water from the Mt. Shin Ma Daung reached there.
After building dams up in the area 20 years ago, water from the mountain could not reach there and farmers could not grow crops successfully when they could not rely on the rain, he explained.
“I have more than 30 acres of farmland. But, only 10 acres are included in the project area. I am happy now for getting irrigated river water,” he said.
The Waryar Tharsi river water pumping station has operated irrigation since 2007-2008 fiscal years. It is supplying water to 2700 acres of farmland. The new project has planned to extend its operation to another 1000 acres of farmland. —Ei Mon Swe ( Yesagyo)

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