FDA announces 37 kinds of unsuitable food for public

The Department of Food and Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health announced a list of 37 varieties of food that should not be consumed by the public on 18 February.
Benzoic acid, sodium cyclamate, residual So2, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate were used more than the prescribed amount and disallowed dyes such as rhodamine B, orange II, and auramine O were found in 37 types of food incompatible with the microbiological criteria.
These foods should not be consumed long-term, which could damage the liver, and kidneys and cause cancer.
The FDA announcement included Shwe Oak peach jam, Kaung Hein plum jam, Queen peach (red), Yote Pone tamarind flakes, 123 mango jam, Hong Yuan plum jam, MK peach (red), ASA (Kisses You) Heart Jelly, Lantern-brand (bottle) bubble gum, Fruity juice, Zabukyaw lemon toffee, Ma Maw Zayan tea leaf, Aye Aye Aung fruity jam, New Choice peach (red), ABC (rainbow) strawberry taste juice, Chinthemin chilli sauce, Lucky Tiger chilli sauce, Sun Light Cola taste juice, Zayan Shwe Taung roasted lablab bean.
Food manufacturers, distributors and sellers must not use dyes and preservatives that are not allowed to be used in foods at all. Those who do not comply with the use of permitted food additive chemicals only within the prescribed amount will be taken action under Section 28 (a) of the National Food Law. — TWA/KZW

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