Female empowerment, youth education will boost national development

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  • According to the 2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census, there are 50 million people in Myanmar, with a ratio of 93 males per 100 females. With females outnumbering males, we should be more heedful of women’s roles in society.
    About 50.5 per cent of women are actively working in jobs, while 26 per cent take care of the domestic duties in a family. These numbers point out that if more job opportunities for women are created, then, there would be huge possibilities for the country. Men actively pursuing careers make up 85.2 per cent of the male population, a fact commonly accepted by all, while the 11 per cent of men who stay at home and perform domestic duties are often overlooked or are invisible to most people.
    Statistically, women give birth to 2.5 babies, but in reality married women in Myanmar may have up to five children. This means that most married couples in of Myanmar have a large workload supporting a family. This will be clearer if we look at it through dependency ratios. The dependency ratio of dependents (children under 14 and elderly above 65) on supporters (working people between the ages of 15 and 64) in Myanmar is a high 52.4 per cent, with children making up 43.7 per cent of that number. The dependency ratio differs on the state and regional level, with Chin State having a dependency ratio of 80.9 per cent and Rakhine State having a dependency ratio of 60.8 per cent.
    Young people aged 10 to 24 make up 30 per cent of the entire Myanmar population. They are the future workforce of the country. On the other hand, children between the ages of 5 and 14 make up the biggest demographic, and if they are provided with a proper education system and job opportunities, then a golden future for the country will be on the horizon. In short, empowering the female population and creating more opportunities for the next generation is the basic requirement for the nation’s development.
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