Fertilizer prices on the rise


Farmers said that the price of fertilizers has reached K190,000 per bag.
A farmer in southern Shan State said that due to the current increase in fertilizer prices, it is difficult to cultivate.
Before the Thingyan Festival in 2022, the fertilizer price was around K100,000 per bag, then it rose to K150,000 in August, and in mid-September, it reached almost K190,000 per bag.
Most fertilizers are imported from China and Thailand, which is expected to affect the agricultural input market due to higher exchange rates and increases in transport costs and other additional costs.
As the winter period is about to arrive, the importation of fertilizers will be increased, and more than 100,000 tonnes of fertilizers were imported from abroad in August, according to the Ministry of Commerce. — Chin Lay/GNLM

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