Festival in honour of Democracy Day presents special film in 3-D

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A scene in “The Great Myanmar”, one of the five films to be shown during Myanmar Democracy Day on 15 September, is based on the history of Buddhism and Buddhist culture in the Bagan era. The film took more than five years to complete. A 3-D version of the film will be shown to Myanmar audiences, while foreigners will see a 2-D version.  Photo: Supplied

“Glittering with Gold in the Sunlight”

The Myanmar Festival held in honour of Democracy Day on 15 September will present special shows on films, music and Myanmar traditional performance troupes called “Anyeint”, under the arrangement of the Ministry of Information.
The festival is designed for developing spirits and habits of the democratic society in youths. Among them, the special film “Glittering With Gold in the Sunlight,” was shown at the Thamada Cinema at 7 am yesterday.
The film was based on the story “The Gardener the Flower” written by National Literary Award winner Ledwinthar Saw Chit. It was made into a film by director Zaw Myint Oo, assistant director Aung Aw Bar, and script writer Hsu Myet Chai. The production company Mingalar Film Production cast
Kyaw Htet Aung and Aye Myat Thu as the main characters.
Here are the thoughts of the original writer, the director and the main characters on the film.

Ledwinthar Saw Chit (original writer of the story)

I created the story based on my personal experience while devoting myself to teaching as a junior assistant teacher. I won then Sarpay Beikman literary award and the National literary award. After translating it into English in 2005, it was given the ASEAN Literary Award under the name of the “The Gardener the Flower.” In the country, the teaching world was dominated by females. Initially, its Myanmar name was “Pan Myaing Le Ga U Yin Hmu,” but was renamed “Nay Chi Hma Shwe
Yi Laung.” The film presents the collective efforts of teachers, students and the people to develop education.”

Director Zaw Myint Oo

Apart from some changes to be adapted to changing time, the story similar to the original. It is
mainly designed for the sake of the people.
Kyaw Htet Aung (male lead character)

I was greatly pleased and proud to take part in the film. The story was so excellent that it made me shed tears. At the time when males seldom choose teaching career until now, the film highlights teachers’ dedication to the job, with their hobby, Cetana and spirit of sacrifice.
Aye Myat Thu (female lead character)
I like this kind of story featuring the simplicity of actual life. Being a well-known story by the writer Ledwinthar Saw Chit, it put much pressure on me to play as the main character. I never put on makeup during filming, to ensure that I looked like a typical villager, that is, to add verisimilitude .—Khine Zarli

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