Fibre service providers see strong market amidst coronavirus crisis

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A man carries out maintenance of internet cables at a street lamp post in Yangon on 3 September 2020.   Photo : Myint Maung

The coronavirus pandemic has made the fibre-optic market stronger, and the fibre internet usage has remarkably surged in Myanmar, internet service providers in Myanmar said.
“Mobile internet usage had tremendously increased when the number of mobile users started to rise. It outpowered fibre-optic internet then. Also, fibre internet was less popular than mobile internet. During the coronavirus crisis, fibre internet usage sharply increased. It has become essential for online learning and businesses,” said U Thein Than Toe, CEO of 5BB Broadband.
Earlier, only four telecom operators were allowed to provide fibre internet service. After the new Telecommunications Law was enacted, private fibre providers entered the market. That is why fibre internet usage has increased. The benefits of fibre internet are faster internet speed, and unlimited data offers, while the mobile internet costs as much as you use, said a fibre service provider.
At present, about 200 companies have been granted the licences to be engaged in the telecommunications industry, and 100 of them are engaged in network service. However, there are just about 25-30 broadband service providers in the country, and only three to four are successful.
The coronavirus made the peak internet usage into the new normal, in response to social distancing requirements. The internet usage has surged due to video conferencing, webinar, online learning, online sales, real-time information access and service businesses, stated the internet service providers. —Myint Maung  (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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