Fighting against bribery and corruption!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Starting from the first 5-year-period of the transition into democracy, the tasks of eradication of bribery and corruption were emphatically carried out for the emergence of a clean government through good governance. After the new government took office, bribery and corruption were more effectively dealt with, due to the accuracy and completeness of the information in the complaints. This is a good sign for the country.
    In making an effort to make a country develop in the right way, it is necessary not only for the civil service personnel to be free from bribery and corruption, but also for the people to take care not to get involved in these malpractices. Every individual has greed more or less; hence, they are apt to commit bribery and corruption easily. Committing such a crime causes an undesirable harm to people or the country. So, we need to be careful not to commit any bribery and corruption.
    If we get involved in a kind of malpractice, legal action is likely to be taken against us. If so, it will be a great harm for civil service personnel. In carrying out services for the benefit of the people, we should be satisfied with officially-granted benefits and salaries. We need to provide service for the people with honesty and good intentions, without exchanging our honesty and integrity for any form of bribe, big or small, in cash or in kind.
    In fact, the task of fighting against bribery and corruption is not easy. It can be said to be a pandemic social disease found in Myanmar and across the world. As regards bribery and corruption, we usually tend to regard that only government service personnel get involved in these offences. But, in some cases, involvement of private businesses and enterprises has been found.
    Although most countries made attempts for the eradication of bribery and corruption, countries free from the malpractice has not been found yet, until now. As it is deep and broad, we need to take great care about how we perform our duties, depending on respective categories of business.
    Bribery and corruption does not mean only the receipt of bribe money, gifts, drugs or monetary benefit. It is also concerned with failure to perform, unfair performance, biased performance in favor or against, over a task which is already underway, a task done or a task to be done by us or our superiors.
    Besides, we must notice that a leak, unofficial use of government property, negligence about government secrets, disclosure of bank secrets without permission, theft or misappropriation of properties from government services, violation of trust, failure to inform, destruction and harm are also bribery and corruption.
    We have a tendency to commit the crime of bribery and corruption. Giving money or a favor to someone, especially a serviceman to make them perform the task as desired by us, is a kind of bribery and corruption. It is a social disease. Accordingly, if we want it to be removed out of our society we should give them a livable salary or income linked to the cost of living index, conduct in-service training courses on the bad effects of these malpractices, share knowledge of ethics and code of conduct for government service personnel, besides arresting and punishing those who have committed bribery and corruption in accordance with the law.
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