Find friends with shared goals

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People make friends with each another, but it is hard for them to maintain lasting relationships if they have opposing aims in life. It is inevitable that people travelling in one direction will face away from those moving the opposite way.
There is no need to feel sad about taking the opposite path to those who have different goals in life. The real tragedy comes when people with the same aims and beliefs turn their backs to one another. In fact, people travelling in the same destination can help one another and together reach their goal more easily.
If a traveller going in one direction tries to help another moving the opposite way, they might be delayed forever, straying from the path toward their intended destination.  It is therefore important for a traveller to make sure where he or she is going.
It can be said that choosing the right kinds of friend is one of the important issues of life. As people are going in different directions, you will have to choose the right kind of friends to reach your goal more quickly. Some people are egocentric and opportunistic, while others are altruistic and make sacrifices for people. Success depends on the right kind of friends when one cannot go it alone.

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