Finding common ground would lessen risks

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Some CMP (cut-make-pack) garment factories have reduced working hours and some have shut down due to shortage of raw materials from China after the coronavirus outbreak, leaving more than 5,000 workers out of jobs in weeks.
Since the outbreak began in China, the authorities have been keeping a watch on factories abroad affected by COVID-19, including the supply chain disruptions in China, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.
Meanwhile, the labour authorities have made the necessary preparations to tackle the potential challenges that may befall employers and employees of the labour-intensive garment industry.
The livelihood of factory workers in these countries may be at risk if the factories employing them aren’t able to resume normal business soon.
The workers in the CMP and SME sectors understand that this a global crisis, a national situation, and we all have to be prepared for the worst.
The workers have expressed concerns that factories may shut down, not in conformity with the law, by citing the raw material shortage. The workers have demanded the factories provide the compensation they deserve under law, even if the factories close down, and to reinstate them once they resume operation.
In such a scenario, the labour authorities must check whether factories have closed due to COVID-19, or merely to move to another place and open again under a new name.
Moreover, factories closing due to shortfall of raw materials need to be transparent in their actions and they ought to be responsible and accountable.
It is the responsibility of the labour authorities to deal with the situation, in conformity with the law.
In efforts to lessen the risks, employers and employees are urged to fully cooperate with the authorities at every step.
We believe that CMP and SME employers do not want to lose experienced workers (and their market), and employees do not want to lose their jobs.
The government also does not want to see a nation-wide collapse, while international investors are looking for those who can survive this crisis.
The issue we anticipated since the coronavirus outbreak in China has finally posed a national-level challenge for our country.
We are confident that we can overcome this challenge through the united efforts of employers, workers, and the government.

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