Findings in inspection of current UEC on election results of former UEC

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The Union Election Commission led by U Thein Soe has conducted ground inspection on election results released by former UEC led by U Hla Thein and released the findings of 14 townships between 25 February and 9 March.

It is found that the former UEC took out a total of 2,076,065 ballot papers for 14 townships and used 1,436,516 ballots. But, only 596,007 ballots were found during the inspection instead of 639,564 ballots. Therefore, 65,530 ballots were missing with extra-used of 21,988 and 87,518 were possible to be fraud.

According to the election result of former UEC, there were 1448,363 invalid votes, missing votes, valid votes and the current UEC found it used 1436,516 ballot papers and so 11,847 were seemed to be fraud.
The current findings will be scrutinized again in detail and the further results of ground inspection will be also released.—MNA

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