Firmly join hands to restore perpetual peace


Although all ethnic national people residing in Myanmar together have diverse customs and traditions, they all foster the family spirit and pay respect to each other. No matter how diverse their native, literature, language, religion, customs and traditions are, they all live in the same place in unison through thick and thin by sharing their future.
Based on the historical evidence, all Kayin ethnic nationals residing in entire Myanmar are humble with honesty and peace as their nature bearing a smile each forever. In line with the long history of Kayin ethnic people, they possess fine traditions and customs as well as invaluably cultural heritages of their forefathers.
Kayin ethnics scatter in all regions and states. Likewise, various ethnicities are residing in Kayin State. It shows the acts of integrated living of ethnic nationals.
As part of maintaining tangibly and intangibly natural symbols, Kachin ethnic can be seen together with Manaw festival, Kayah ethnics with the Ngwetaung Dam, Kayin ethnics with the ceremonial bronze drum, Chin ethnics with Rhododendron flower, Bamar ethnics with Pathein parasol, Mon ethnics with Ruddy Shelduck, Rakhine ethnics with Byal and Shan ethnics with the traditional long drum.
The New Year festival, the housewarming ceremony, the new harvest feast and the festival of summoning the spirit of a dead person are famous in Kayin State, and the Kayin don dance is a favourite of the people. Kayin State with valuable cultural heritages is teeming with virgin lands and scenic beauties attracting local and foreign travellers.
All Kayin ethnic nationals across the nation have to preserve the traditions and customs. To maintain an actual situation of living beings and cultural heritages, not only Kayin ethnic nationals but all national races need to restore the perpetual peace.
The government is making utmost efforts for building a Union based on democracy and federalism in accord with the aspiration of the entire national people. The basic factor to strengthen the genuine and disciplined democracy of the nation is Our Three Main National Causes—Non-disintegration of the Union, Non-disintegration of national solidarity and Perpetuation of sovereignty.
Peace is not a trademark for a specific person or group. Truly, peace is a national concern. Hence, all ethnic nationals have the equal term of rights to enjoy the fruits of perpetual peace in happiness and pleasure.

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