First Private Bank to commence stock trading on 20th January

DSC 8757 72First Private Bank (FPB) is the fourth company to be listed on the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) and its stock trading will began on 20th January, according to an announcement released by YSX.
The base price of FPB will be announced on YSX website before the listing day of 20th January. Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) approved First Private Bank for listing after scrutinising submitted application documents and a deliberate listing examination on 30th December.
First Myanmar Investment (FMI), Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings (MTSH) and Myanmar Citizens Bank (MCB) are currently trading shares at YSX.
Stock trading on YSX in December hit an all-time low with the trading value of only Ks1.5billion this year.The monthly stock trading values by FMI at YSX were Ks 24,714,431,000 in March and Ks5,867,897,500 in April. With MTSH entering YSX on 20th May, stock trading values of FMI and MTSH amounted to Ks 16,216,528,500 in May and Ks 6,895,863,000 in June and Ks 3,732,548,500 in July respectively. After MCB listed on YSX, the monthly stock trading values were Ks2,907,600,800 in August, Ks 2,482,949,200 in September, Ks 4,027,821,700 in October and Ks 2,213,328,400 in November, it is learnt from monthly report of YSX.
Educative efforts that explain the advantages of stock trading are needed in order to gain widespread public interest, said an observer. On 30th December, 2016, 12,299 shares worth Ks 89,393,500 were traded at YSX, with the share price of Ks13,500 by FMI, Ks4,400 by MTSH and Ks9,200 by MCB, according to the stock trading data of YSX. —Ko Khant

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