Fish paste prices fall on low demand

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Local residents lay out fish to dry under the sun in Shwe Taung Yan beach. photo: Ko Ko Maung (IPRD)

There are many commercial-scale fish paste making business people who catch fish and prawn in Shwe Thaung Yan beach. The fish paste makers are unhappy with not having good price of fish paste this year. The fish paste price dropped to K7,000 per viss this year from K15,000 per viss from last year, according to the fish paste makers.
Fish paste and dried fish are essential foodstuffs in Myanmar. They are manufactured in the whole of Myanmar. The fish paste and dried fish are distributed to all parts of the country. Last year, the fish paste and dried fish shops from Chaungtha beach demanded the fish paste at a high price from the fish past making markers. This year, the shops from Chaungtha beach were closed temporarily because of COVID-19, and so they are selling the fish paste with nearly half of average price. Even though the shops are selling the fish paste at the half price, the sale of those fish paste is still dropping this year.
There are two kinds of fishing vessels—the small boats with three or four people and the larger vessels with 10 or 15 people. So, the ships with a larger group of people are facing difficulties because of the inconvenient situation. —Ko Ko Maung (IPRD) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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