Fishing industry suspended in June in Taninthayi Region

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Fishing trawlers are seen in Myeik, on the coast of Taninthayi. Photo: Myint Oo (Myeik)

All the fishing trawlers in Taninthayi Region suspended the fishing industry starting from 1 June.
Although all the fishing trawlers suspended operations starting on 1 June, and the large boats sought permission to conduct fishery business during the fish breeding season, the government did not grant permission.
The monsoon has entered the southern part of Myanmar, and all the fishing trawlers on the sea are suspended and returned to the shores.
“The squid fishing trawlers capture fish normally in open season. It is just over and mid-water level fishing technique. Normally, all are in operation from October to the end of May and are suspended in the rainy season.
The fish breeding season is in June, July, and August, so it should not capture fish at all. We stopped fishing before the end of May,” said a fisherman who operates a squid fishing boat.
In open season, the Wahtan (a type of trawler) squid fishing boats ended their fishing, and the Wahlatt boats (other type of trawler) were also prevented from fishing. The typical fishing season was recognized as June, July, and August previously, but it was changed to April, May, and June.
“In previous years, the Wahlatt vessels were allowed to be included in the percentage in the fish breeding season.
“This year, we submitted to resume fishing in June after suspending in April and May.
“The government studied the fish resources in the sea and did not allow them. The Wahlatt boats capture fish in the sea the whole year round, which can cause marine resource extinction. It is now a serious case.
“They usually come onshore, and the onshore fishing boats face difficulties. They will catch in July and August after June. But, it is during the fish breeding period,” said a marine worker.
Although the Yangon and Taninthayi regions-based entrepreneurs submitted a proposal to the officials to allow fishing in June, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation did not allow it.
The ministry replied that they do not allow fishing in June on 27 May 2024, and so the fishing is banned in June. Although the non-fishing season was set for three months – April, May, and June — at the stakeholders meeting on 11 November 2023, permission is not currently granted. — Myint Oo (Myeik)/KTZH

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