Flibbertigibbets, sybarites, loafers, pessimists, rumor-mongers, nincompoops and drug addicts never contribute to the good of society


Making the best use of human resources is important for any society. If a society faces a shortage of human resources, the all-round development of such society will be severely hampered. Fundamentally, man is born to be busy to serve his society in a vigorous and relentless way. He ought to serve not only his society but also the entire mankind. Individuals earn their livelihoods as specific professions according to their capabilities, aptitude and skills in the human society. The individual earnings may be different. Nevertheless, man is obliged to serve his society with his capacity.
If a person who does not contribute to the good of human society, he or she would become a useless person. Human life is precious on earth. However, if a person does not behave or practice humanely, he or she is considered a subhuman person. These days, some of the people spend time doing nothing and having no purpose or basis for their nations. Due to their malpractice, negative attitude and stupid mindsets, such nations lose the quantity of manpower. On the other hand, these types of people reduce the number of people in manpower for the nations. Unless the volume of manpower is great, the nation cannot build its socio-economic development by itself.
Flibbertigibbets are sort of persons who are not serious enough or talk a lot about silly things which reflect their silly mindsets indeed. They usually talk in haphazard and undisciplined manner. Their habit and behavior are almost unbeneficial to their society. Their words are of nothing valuable for his associates and their society. They do not support their society or associations. The sensible and considerate people do not trust whatever flibbertigibbets have talked to them. Since flibbertigibbets are in the habit of bluffing, nobody will want to work together or do business.
Sybarite is a person devoted to pleasure and luxury. His or her devotion to the pleasure and luxury are so extreme that he or she fails to   contribute to the good of mankind. This type of person never ever makes effort to contribute assistance to others who are in trouble. Instead, he or she indulges in pleasure and luxury only, nothing more. Sybarites do not do anything beneficial and prosperous for their society. They do not cooperate or associate with others for the interests and benefits of their society. May be they possess aptitude for the work. Sybarites usually give priority to pleasure and luxury rather than social welfare tasks as well as charity. Thus, such persons cannot be enlisted into manpower of a society.
Loafers have no aims, no objectives and no expectations for their life and their society as well. They aimlessly loaf around outside. In fact, they spend their time doing nothing, especially when they should be working. In other words, loafers waste their time rather than working. They do not learn any subjects for vocation or profession or suitable callings. They do not even think about their future prospects. It obviously reveals that they reduce the manpower of a certain society and their behavior impact on the society concerned. The more loafers in the society, the worse situations prevail in the society. If the volume of manpower is low, the human capital becomes less in the society. Thus, the negative impact follows in politics, economy and social activities for the society indeed.
Pessimists are the ones who always expect bad things to happen. Their negative views, speculations and perspective do not support or share the interest to the fellow citizens. Actually, they are inclusive and responsible for doing things for the benefits or interests of the society concerned. However, they never give constructive advice and better idea even if they find the flaw or fault in doing some tasks done by others. So this practice shows that they are totally selfish and they cannot serve their society. Probably, they must be educated persons, but they are not wise enough to deal with others consistently and harmoniously. Due to their lopsided views, their ability cannot be utilized for the good of the society. Although they do not make contribution to others, they disturb the nation building tasks deliberately. Therefore, the persons striving for all-round development of the society ostracize the pessimists in nation building tasks. Otherwise, they will work against with those who are optimists and the nation building tasks cannot be successful. It is very obvious that the pessimists do not do any good things for their society. They do not become as a part of the human resources of the society. Their way of thinking is quite useless for politics, economy and social activities for the society concerned.
Rumor-mongers tend to spread rumors to the public in order to disrupt the peaceful situation into mayhem or panic. For example: ‘a rumor about the likelihood of the storm’. Normally, the general public are not aware of the unreliable news and they believe it as true news or story. The rumor-mongers maliciously spread rumors about the ones who they hate. For example; ‘character assassination on a public figure’. Undoubtedly, most of the rumors spread by rumor-mongers have evil-intention. Their evil-intention, malice and conspiratorial scheme can be vividly seen on the rumors they spread. The rumor-mongers sometimes spread rumor to defame or discredit the reputation of the individuals or dignitaries or dignified persons. Their acts are almost unacceptable, unbeneficial and inexcusable because they cause harmful effect on the ordinary people or innocent people in the society concerned. Besides, the rumor-mongers attack some organizations, governments, companies and institutions by creating rumors. They aim to damage or tarnish the images of these governments, companies and institutions. The rumor-mongers are fabricating or creating rumors to achieve their personal gains indeed. Absolutely, they are not serving for the sake of general public or fellow-citizens. They spread rumor to trick or deceive people who are pretty gullible to fall for that trick. To analyze the acts of rumor-mongers, we find them with evil-scheme, sheer-malevolence and wickedness. We, therefore should be alert to scrutinize the stories or news whether they are true or not in our society.
Nincompoops cannot be recruited into manpower as they are not capable of doing things properly. Since they are silly or foolish, they cannot work together with normal people. They are also useless and cannot be assigned duties to carry out nation building tasks or endeavor. They are classified as idle persons.
Drug addicts give a lot of trouble to their families, relatives and ordinary people. They are influenced by narcotic drugs which affect their minds in harmful way. They become abnormal persons and do not have sound minds. The drug addicts lose normal conscience due to excessive use of narcotic drugs. They get addicted to the drug and its sensation extremely. They dare to commit any crimes in order to get drugs whenever the drugs are in shortage. The drug addicts as well as drug users are unable to stop taking harmful drugs. As a result, the drug addicts are out of list of the manpower for the society. They are wasting their lives and doing nothing for the good of the society. They cannot resist the overwhelming drug addiction and eventually they fall into an abyss of troublesome life. The governments concerned should set up more and more Drug Rehabilitation Centers in order to help the drug addicts to have normal or useful life again. Also, public need to be educated on the dangers of drug-taking or drug abuse.
Availability of human resources, manpower and human capital make the strong workforce for a society. Either a shortage or decrease in the workforce can affect the prosperity of society. If the inefficient persons outnumber the efficient persons, the development of society will lag far behind other societies. We, humans need more and more capable persons in order to fulfill the benefits and interest of our society. We should emphasize how much we have contributed to the welfare of the society and mankind!!!!.

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