Flood response shows strength of the people

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  • With rivers in Bago and Taninthayi regions and Kayin and Mon states hitting record water level in more than 50 years, people in the flood-hit areas came together to avert the disaster.
    The National Natural Disaster Management Committee showed a quick response to the flooding and aiding victims sheltering at temporary places.
    While working to protect the people in flood-hit areas, the committee witnessed that people from nearby areas distributed meal packs and water bottles voluntarily to the flood victims.
    They also demonstrated the power of community collaboration.
    The Tatmadawmen, police, firefighters, Red Cross members and volunteers are the front-line responders who exhibited dedication in averting disaster by collecting and laying sandbags on river banks to prevent break of the banks and in facilitating evacuations.
    We can’t overlook community volunteers who stand at the ready to help those in need — yet another demonstration of a strong community.
    Meanwhile, the government has provided cash aid to flood victims, including pregnant women, senior citizens, children and mothers of under-six-month-old infants to help them overcome their other challenges.
    These united efforts are the silver lining to the flooding which has hit four regions and states.
    In fact, the personnel from the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement is not enough to effectively help the victims. Therefore, we appreciate those volunteers from civil service organizations and local communities for their strong collaboration in the disaster.
    Myanmar is no stranger to the flooding. Yet the worst of Mother Nature also brings out the best in the country. It is the strength of the people. We need to strengthen this.
    Not only Myanmar, but also the world is suffering the impacts of the climate change. The other countries are facing worst situation than Myanmar.
    The government, together with the people, is committed to preparedness, effective response, rehabilitation and resettlement.
    Myanmar is a country where natural disasters occur every year and it is also among the countries that are not ready to face and overcome natural disasters.
    Through collaboration from the regional communities and quick responses from the government, we made the best of a potentially devastating weather event. This united strength should serve as a model for handling crises in the future.
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