FMI share price down by over Ks4,000 this week

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The share price of First Myanmar Investment this week is down by over Ks4,000 when compared to that of last week, according to the statistics of Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX).
The share price of First Myanmar Investment (FMI) was on the decline this week with the share prices of Ks20,500 on 3rd, Ks20,000 on 6th, Ks18,500 on 7th and Ks16,000 on 8th March.
FMI share price hit its highest mark of Ks41,000 on 29th and 30th March 2016, whereas the price hit a low of Ks15,500 per share on 25th Nov 2016. The FMI share price turned to a downward trend in December, plunging to Ks13,500 per share on 30th Dec 2016.
The share price of First Myanmar Investment (FMI) was on the decline for a month and jumped to Ks15,000 on 15th Feb 2017 at Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX), according to the market statistics of YSX.
Currently, there are four companies trading shares on YSX; FMI, Myanmar Thailawa SEZ Holdings (MTSH), Myanmar Citizens Bank (MCB) and First Private Bank (FPB).
The total stock trading volumes on 8th March hit 10,987 shares, whereas 43,765 shares were traded on 3rd March, 39,449 shares on 6th March and 10,794 shares on 7th March, according to the market summary of YSX.
On 8th March, FMI traded 3,617 shares while 4,173 shares of MTSH, 1,000 shares of MCB and 2,197 shares of FPB were traded on YSX, with the share price of Ks16,000 for FMI, Ks4,300 for MTSH, 9,100 for MCB and 32,000 for FPB at closing time.


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