Follow important guidelines of disaster management bodies


Myanmar frequently experiences severe flooding in July and August due to heavy rains, river overflows, and landslides. Given this, residents must stay informed about climatic conditions and adhere to preventive measures as directed by local authorities.
In the 2023-24 financial year, Myanmar experienced 144 flood incidents, leading to the destruction of 279 houses and resulting in casualties among humans and animals. This underscores the country’s vulnerability to natural disasters. To mitigate loss and damage, it is crucial for residents to follow the guidelines set by relevant disaster management committees.
Residents should ensure their homes are structurally resilient against natural disasters. It is advisable to designate a meeting point for family members in case of evacuation. Monitoring water levels in the surrounding environment is essential. Collecting and storing clean drinking water, emergency utensils, and safety equipment in advance is equally important.
Both government and private media outlets provide timely information on natural disasters. Hence, residents should regularly listen to weather forecasts and heed official advice. It is vital to keep essential equipment, food supplies, and important documents accessible. Additionally, family members should note the telephone numbers and addresses of contacts in villages and towns in case of evacuation.
Flood victims should seek shelter as arranged by authorities. If separated from family members, they should inform the authorities. Using wet electronic equipment is dangerous and should be avoided. Post-disaster, it is essential to bury dead animals and clear debris to prevent health hazards. Furthermore, there is a risk of subsequent diseases after a flood, so everyone must take necessary precautions. Drinking boiled water is crucial during such times to avoid waterborne diseases.
By adhering to these guidelines and maintaining a proactive approach, residents can significantly reduce the impact of natural disasters. Disaster preventive measures cannot be done alone. So, everybody needs to participate in preventive measures against disasters under the leadership of local authorities. Volunteers and those from search and rescue teams should follow the information that has not been officially released.
They all have to join search and rescue measures in the prevention of waterborne infectious diseases and emergency relief measures. If so, they all will easily overcome the challenges of disasters as well as flooding in a short time. As the government is taking a leading role in the prevention of natural disasters, people can seek aid from the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement round the clock.

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14 July 2024