Following are excerpts of discussions of diplomats, businessmen at meeting with State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in Nay Pyi Taw

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Ambassador of Singapore to Myanmar Mr.Robert Chua
He said that the new government has decisively taken measures to combat corruption since April this year and this will encourage foreign investors to invest in Myanmar.
Another important step for the government is the enacting of the new Foreign Investment Law, he pointed out.
Governor of the Central Bank of Myanmar
He explained the work progress in financial stability, the stability of the monetary system.
U Win Aung, President of Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry
He pointed out the urgent need to reduce the production charges including charges for electricity, distribution and transportation for the production of value-added products, to amend the burdensome rules and regulations and registration process that pave waysfor corruption and to establish a correct monitoring mechanism for the rising prices of basic needs and medicines due to inflation and the CPI. Then, he highlighted the importance of cooperation of the government and private sector to negotiate procedural process arisen from laws, rules, and regulations and the adoption of correct economic policies.
KBZ Executive Director Daw Nang Lang Kham
She pointed out the need for cooperation between taxpayers and tax collectors and to eliminate controversial taxation methods.
Concluding Remarks by the State Counsellor
She said that economic sanctions on Myanmar have recently lifted and it is important to grab the opportunity. The people are closely watching whether businesspeople are using the opportunities in their own interest or for the country, she added.
She also pointed out that the opportunities will contribute not only to the development of the country but also to the region and the world if everyone uses them in the interest of the country.
Expected economic growth is easily achievable if businesspeople, the administrative sector and donor countries and organisations cooperate in a concerted manner, she added. Then, she highlighted the interdependency of economic growth and political progress by saying that economic growth leads to sustainable political progress and political progress results in economic stability. Then, she added that economic growth is not sustainable without political progress and stability, before pointing out the need to cement the development of the physical life of people, economic growth and social advancement so that they can contribute to the
future generations after peace, stability and political progress have rooted.
She explained that success starts with individuals, which, together with correct attitude, will lead the country to the correct path to success and said that she hopes to meet again and again with all participants for the future of the country and the world to make wise, well-intended and prudent decisions.

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