For the city-dwellers to abide by the discipline

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Yangon, being a metropolitan city, is the most densely populated business capital which is being faced with a lot of challenges—transport problem, cleanliness, electric power supply and water supply etc. It is a herculean task to fulfil the daily needs of Yangonites.
Although respective departments and organizations are exerting their utmost effort to cope with the changing situations, they find it difficult for many reasons—lack of financial resources, lack of infrastructure, lack of qualified services personnel and continued existence of old thoughts and habits on the part of certain government employees.
Despite these problems, the incumbent government is being seen to achieve success in fulfiling of the needs of the needy; low-cost housing project is an obvious example. Besides, efforts are being made to ensure sufficient supply of water and electricity. Another obvious change is reduction of overlapping private bus lines to 50 only from more than 300 with the result that bus-waiting time and congestion can be reduced. And the road-dividing barriers laid to enforce the traffic rules will be cleared as they just proved to be counterproductive-i.e. although the laying of barriers were meant for enforcement of the traffic rules, abidance by the rules has not improved but there had taken place more road accidents.
In enforcement of the traffic rules, the traffic police are outnumbered by the vehicles. In some countries, there are volunteers to help the traffic police. This being so, Myanmar traffic police and the motor vehicles disciplinary committee will make concerted effort to manage the vehicles with the help of volunteers.
In regard to disposal of litter, Yangon City Development Committee has made new arrangements and is finding solution to make the city clean. In this function, the city dwellers are needed to abide by the discipline by throwing litter in a systematic way, dumping the garbage only at the designated places.

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