Forest area around Mount Sayamayri to be demarcated as protected

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The Sagaing Region Forest Department will conduct a study tour to claim untouched natural forests around Mount Sayamayri under the Naga self administrative zone in the Sagaing Region as protected forest areas.
The study tour aims to maintain the undisturbed forest as a protected forest. There are three categories of forest areas: national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and forest reserves and protected land areas. The Regional Government will help maintain the remaining forests, without abusing the rights, powers and customs of the local people. The aim is to maintain the natural forests for the long term and create a national park in cooperation with the locals. Some residents are concerned over possible harm to their culture and power. They are worried about the restriction on wearing ivory and other wildlife products, which are a part of their customs. However, such acts are subject to punishment under the provision of the existing law.
The law is currently being amended. The locals are authorised to wear the products as part of their traditional customs. However, the sale of such products is banned. The state is preparing to enact an administrative law on the delegation of powers in the natural forests. “We will conduct a series of negotiations with the local residents to ensure they are satisfied. There are a few mountainous farm areas, but they are not damaged owing to the small number of residents. We went on a field trip to the mountain, which is 1,800 feet above sea level. The forests are relatively similar to those on flat land. Trees that can produce precious wood are not seen here, except a few on the low mountains,” said U Khin Maung Win, Director of Sagaing Region Forest Department.


Win Oo (Zeyar Tine)

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