Forest Department grants permission to implement community forestry in Kahnyin Chaung Village

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Kahnyin Chaung Villagers and Forest Department officials with the notice for the 508-acre community forest.  Photo: Nyi Tu

The Taninthayi Region Forest department has granted permission to villagers to implement community forestry in Kahnyin Chuang Village at Thatyetchaung Township. The community forestry is spread over 508 acres.
The Forest Department provided certificates to 269 households of the Kahnyin Chaung Village on 28 February to implement community forestry. “Community forestry is a developing branch of forestry, whereby the local community plays a significant role in forest management and land-use decision-making with the support of the government,” said U Kyaw Zayar, Director of Taninthayi Region Forest Department.
“Community forestry does not focus only on the individual. We are old now. We have to think about the next generation. We have already received the community forestry certificate and will get involved in forest conservation. We will involve the youngsters too,” said U Saw Pho Thu, a 67-year-old man from Kahnyin Chuang Village.
Community forestry in Kahnyin Chuang Village can help implement region basic tourism, as well as create job opportunities for the local people.


Nyi Tu

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