Four women dead, one child missing after vehicle plunges into Shweli river

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Locals and rescue workers search the victims of vehicle accident in Shweli River on 18 October 2020. Photo: Sandar (IPRD)

A car, seven people on board, plunged into the Shweli River near Naunghin village in Muse District at 9 am on 18 October, leaving four women dead and one child missing.
The vehicle was reportedly submerged into the river due to speeding. Of seven on board, including Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD) party supporters, the driver and two women managed to escope from the drowning, Muse philanthropic association sent them to Muse Township People’s Hospital, yet one woman, unfortunately, died at the hospital. Other three women and one child were assumed to be trapped in the vehicle, and the related Red Cross members, volunteers and residents carried out searching, and the bodies of three women are found at 1 pm, and one child is still missing. The search operation is still ongoing. — Sandar (IPRD) (Translated by EMM)

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