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Fourth day of 2022 Mid-Year Gems Emporium proceeds with 55 gem lots sale

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Gem traders are keen on viewing the jade lots at the emporium yesterday.

The 2022 Mid-Year Gems Emporium continued its fourth day at the Maniradana Jade Hall in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.
Jade lots, gem lots and uncut jade lots were exhibited in designated areas throughout the emporium, and local and foreign gem traders observed them starting in the morning.
Then, gem dealers evaluated gem lots (from No 1 to No 120) on sale and inserted bids in tender bins.
Then, officials declared the bids at 9 am and that 55 gem lots were sold out.
Jade lots (from No 1 to No 750) will be put on sale on the fifth day of the emporium under an open tender system.
The 2022 Mid-Year Gems Emporium is being held at the Maniradana Jade Hall between 19 and 25 October, and 362 out of 400 pearl lots and 55 out of 120 gem lots were sold out so far. Two thousand one hundred and fifty lots of jade will be put on the market between 23 and 25 October through the open tender system.
The floor price for gem and jade lots is set in Euro currency and all merchants can make a payment in USD, Euro, Yuan, Baht and Kyat currencies. — MNA

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