Fourth Year Performances of Mon State Government

Kyaikkhami Pagoda in Thanbyuzayat Township, Mon State.

Tirelessly working for regional development: Mon State Government

In all (10) townships of Mon State, multi-faceted development tasks are rolling ahead in full swing using the fund provided by the Union Government and the fund allocated to the Mon State Government with the enthusiastic participation of State Level Departments; the district / township levels General Administration Departments; the local people; the investors; the business people from companies and organizations.
An interview is called on Chief Minister Dr. Aye Zan, who is at the helm of the state development task and the onerous projects, and that the data and information is submitted to the esteemed readers and the people.

Q: Please tell us on the road communication sector in the fourth year.
A: During 2019 – 2020 financial year, the road communication expansion and repair works are most essential tasks of Mon State. We have successfully completed such as putting up the asphalt / concrete layers on (16) miles and (5) furlongs stretch; that of asphalt covering of (1) furlong; that of the asphalt road expansion (11) miles; that of the concrete road pavement (11) miles (7) furlongs; and that of the asphalt layers covering (15) miles (6) furlongs.
Moreover (46) bridges were construction with RC concrete; (6) bridges over the water release RC concrete culvert pipes.
Furthermore, in Kyaikmaraw Township, (644) meters long Ataran River crossing “Sabai Gu Bridge” en route “Kyaikmaraw – Sabai Gu – Kaw Pa Naw Road” which has started in 2018 – 2019 financial year, and that (76) percent is completed so far.

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Mon State Chief Minister Dr. Aye Zan

Q: Please tell us on the agriculture sector.
A: Heavy rains hit hard in Mon State last year that flooded the large areas of cultivation land. For timely resuming of the cultivation, the farmers are provided with (50) hand tractors.
Their farm lands covering (432) acres have been assisted with the transplanting machines in time.
Moreover, land restoration work for better cultivation has been provided on (588) acres of land for the farmers.
Due to the grave rains that ravaged in August 2019, total of (23,911) acres of paddy fields and (200) acres of sugarcane cultivation have been destroyed. Flood hit farmers have been distributed with (13,611) baskets of paddy seed.
For the greater good of the local farmers, the non-functioning “Thaton Sarr Chaung Small Creek” in Thaton Township has been revamped and repaired for irrigation in the areas. About (80,000) acres would be able to supply with irrigation water soon. The irrigation drainage for water supply is being dug for (24) miles stretch from “Belin River” in Belin Township to “Yay River” in Paung Township.

Q: Please tell us on power supply to for developing social life of the people.
A: With the Mon State Government budget, connection of power lines have been made such as that of (11) KV power supply line for (86) miles; that of (400) volt for (29) miles; that of 11 /0 point 4 KV capacity power substation (138) units; that of the replacement power supply lines with (33) KV for (5) miles; that of (11) KV capacity power supply lines for (22) miles; that of (400) volts power supply lines for (33) miles.
These power supply lines have distributed to (30) villages with (4,523) households with electricity. Spending the Union Budget, (34) villages with (5,825) households would be able to enjoy electricity in a near future in Paung Township.
Moreover, (11) villages with (1,333) households would be able to enjoy electricity in Thaton Township. Similarly, (24) villages with (4,841) households in Kyaikmaraw Township would hev the electricity soon.
During 2018 – 2019 fiscal year, (833) villages are already enjoying electricity, and that 2019 – 2020 financial year is expected to bring electricity to a total of (909) villages. In other words, the electricity is coming to additional (76) villages in a near future.

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New housing for families who lost their homes in a landslide occurred at the Ma Latt Hill near Thae Phyu Kone Village, Paung Township, Mon State.

Q: Please explain on the education sector.
A: With the objectives to achieve the planned targets such as that of enrolling and taking in all school going age children for the development of basic education; that of all students to have access to basic education; that of the equality and impartiality between the urban education and the rural education; and that the Mon State Government has upgraded (92) basic education state schools in addition to establishing of (4) Matriculation Examination centers.
Furthermore, implementation are being made such as that of the construction of (149) school buildings; that of the expansion of university lecture halls, hostels for faculty members, dormitory for students, dining halls for students. Most importantly, a new college on tourism is under construction in Mon State.

Q: Please tell us over the healthcare sector.
A: Constructions and repair works are in progress such as that of (12) buildings for rural healthcare centers, sub-rural healthcare branches, and staff housing; that of (14) buildings for staff housing at sub-rural healthcare branches; that of major repair at the main hall of Women and Children Hospital in Mawlamyine; that of the building extensions at Kyaikmaraw Township Hospital, Chaungzon Muyit Kalay Station Hospital, Theinzayat Kyauk Nyat Station Hospital in Kyaikhto Township.

Q: Kindly explain rural road development tasks.
A: Spending the Union Budget, the road construction and road repair works are being carried out with concrete road pavement, the asphalt road pavement, the covering of asphalt layer, the paving of gravel roads, covering (8) miles and (4) furlongs, including (4) concrete bridges.
By using the Mon State Government fund, the tasks such as the concrete road surface, the asphalt road surface, the putting of asphalt layers, the gravel road surface, the paving of rock road, the paving of earth road for (74) miles and (7) furlongs. Moreover, (17) concrete bridges and (7) box culverts have been constructed.
Essential roads for the rural people as well as the rural access roads to reach towns have been under construction as pilot projects.
Such rural access roads are in progress with (26) miles in Thanbyu Zayat Township and in Thaton District with (360) feet “Kyone Haw Rama Seik” concrete bridge en route “Phyu ba – Tae Kone Road”.
With the budget allocation of Mon State Budget, implementation are in progress such as the constructions of roads in Kyaikmaraw Township, roads in Thaton Township, roads in Kyaikhto Township, roads in Mawlamyine Town, roads in Ye Township, including concrete roads and culvert bridges.
Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems (DWIR) has been undertaking projects such as that of the erection of retaining walls along the strand road in Belin Township; the erection of retaining walls in the prevention of river bank erosion of Sittoung River near the Sittoung Bridge in Kyaikhto Township; another retaining wall to prevent Sittang River erosion en route “Met Kha Maw – Kha Ywaie Motor Road” near U Thila Hillock in Kyaikhto Township.

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Sabel Gu (Attaran River Crossing Bridge) under construction on Kyaikmaraw-Sabel Gu- Koupanaw Road in Mon State.

Q: Kindly explain on the urban and rural areas beautification programs.
A: Beautification and decoration tasks are being undertaken by Mon State Development Committee in (10) townships through the works such as that of paving nylon asphalt roads, the paving of new roads, the paving of concrete roads, the laying of concrete on the roads, the paving of hard rock roads, total stretching (75) miles and (4) furlongs.
Moreover, (176) concrete bridges and two water pipe culvert bridges have been constructed.
During this year, the water pumping and water distribution system is under way from Attaran River in Mawlamyine Township. It is a large project to distribute water to (14) wards / villages with (342) million gallons of drinking water each day. The project is expected to complete in September 2020.

Q: Please tell us on the prevention of natural disaster.
A: With regards to natural disaster prevention tasks, works are in progress from October 2019 to January 2020. The awareness raising talks, knowledge imparting lectures and multipliers courses of youth volunteers on disaster reduction management have been conducted in Mon State.
From April 2019 to April 2020, foodstuff distribution have been made for the population being hit by flood as well as ravaged by cyclone.
Road repair and bridge repair works, and the school repair work are being carried out including the repair of office building. Moreover, the people at Sittang Village being hit from heavy flooding are provided with land plots and new dwellings.
In Ye Township, the irrigation and drainage are being dug in Han Gan Village and a cyclone shelter is constructed at the cost of MMK (1,295) million.
In Paung Township, the rehabilitation and recovery fund MMK (2,360) million have been handed over to the villagers at Thae Phyu Gone Village Track and Ye Pyar Kone Village where Ma Lat Mountain eroded and inflicted heavy damage and loss to the villagers.

Q: Please tell us other development tasks.
A: With the funding of the Mon State Government, the regional development plans are in progress in many places in Mon State.
In cooperation and collaboration among the various District / Township Departments, the rural development tasks are in progress as follows.
Such as that of (2) projects in Mawlamyine Township;
that of (5) projects in Chaungzon Township;
that of (1) project in Kyikemaraw Township;
that of (4) projects in Mudon Township;
that of (2) projects in Thanphyuzayat Township;
that of (3) projects in Ye Township;
that of (4) projects in Kyaikhto Township;
that of (3)projects in Belin Township;
that of (3) projects in Thaton Township;
that of (1) project in Paung Township;
totaling (28) projects.
In this connection, total of (80,000) bags of cement were assisted to the people for the construction of rural roads.
In conclusion, Mon State Government has been working on (3) main core development projects such as that of Attaran River Water Pumping Project; that of digging irrigation drainage on “Sarr Chaung Small Creek” in Thaton Township; and that of “Kyaikmaraw – Sabai Gu Bridge” project in full swing for the greater good of the people.  Translated by UMT (Ahlon)

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