France donates COVID-19 medical assistance package to the Yangon General Hospital worth 58,000 USD

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People of France donate medical devices to Yangon General Hospital and MoHS on 15 October 2020. Photo: MNA

The French Ambassador Mr Christian Lechervy and the Yangon General Hospital signed an agreement yesterday on October 14th formalizing a grant worth US$58,000.
As part of this medical assistance package, France donated to Myanmar 5 powered air-purifying respirators (PAPR), 2 ICU intensive care beds, 2 general electric monitors, 2 transport ventilators, 3 infusion pumps, 3 syringe pumps, 650 facemasks, 300 goggles and 1200 FFP2 respirators. These items have been given to the Yangon General Hospital in order to reinforce its healthcare capacities, protect the medical workers and limit the spread of the virus.
This aid is intended to demonstrate France’s solidarity with Myanmar in the common fight against the Covid-19 and to strengthen health services in Yangon. France had previously extended financial support to the National Health Liberatory in its fight against Covid-19 which is on the front line as it caries out tests to identify the disease. A batch of medical equipment was provided by the Pasteur Institute to the Yangon NHL in March and April thanks to funding of the French Development Agency.
Finally, French companies and citizens in Myanmar have also taken many steps to contribute to the Covid-19 crisis response especially by providing assistance vulnerable sections of society by distributing masks, nutrition and grocery to workers and people in need in nearby communities.—MNA

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