Free access to online law information will speed up reforms

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  • With the launching of the online legal information system by the Union Attorney General’s office on Thursday, the Union Government has brought free access to legal information to the public.
    The website for the Myanmar law information system is, which will be available in English and Burmese.
    In order to establish the rule of law in a democratic system, citizens must have access, at the very minimum, to the laws of the government. To make this access meaningful, a searchable database of laws should be created to allow users of legal information to find laws based on their particular informational needs. For this reason alone it is important for governments in transitional states to make a commitment to developing online legal information systems.
    The achievement of the Attorney-General’s Office would benefit the reforms, especially in the rule of law in the country. The online legal information system would serve as a law library for researchers, law students, lawmakers and the people.
    Legal information has become accessible free of charge for local and foreign investors in Myanmar, and it is very helpful for them to run their businesses smoothly.
    The website of the Office of the Attorney-General has information on constitutional laws, union laws, region or state laws, self-administered division/zone laws, subordinate legislation union laws, subordinate legislation region or state laws, subordinate legislation self-administered division/zone laws, international treaties and precedents.
    Information on announcements, executive orders, rules and regulations, and efforts by other ministries to include laws and bylaws, and other legal news will be available soon on the online legal information system. The Office of the Attorney-General will also upload rulings by the Union Supreme Court.
    The website will also have information on abolished laws, and detailed facts on amendments to existing laws.
    Some international treaties require the passing of new laws after signing. The website will also link these laws to the convention related to them.
    One advantage of the website is the ease of editing amendments to the existing laws and displaying the original law at the user’s fingertips.
    The Office of the Union Attorney-General is committed to creating an efficient online legal information system by updating information related to them. But to achieve the goal, other ministries would need to relay information quickly to update the information pertaining to them.
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