Free health care services given in Tachelik

IMG 0229 Tachelik copy
Medical team provides check-up to a patient in Tachelik Township. Photo: MDN

With the joint cooperation of the Ministry of Health and Sports, the Shan State Government, Myanmar Chefs Association and Charity Organizations in eastern Shan State, free health care services were offered to patients who suffered with chapped lips, cleft palate and patients with varying degrees of burns in Tachelik yesterday.
The health care services were conducted by specialists from Germany led by Dr. Heinz Schoeneich and specialists from Myanmar and Tachelik General Hospital. The free health care services will be carried out until 7 March.
A total of 154 patients including 70 patients from Tachelik, 31 patients from Minephyat and 53 patients from Loikaw in Kayah State will receive medical attention. Furthermore, accommodations for patients and their care givers will be provided by the donors.
The departmental officials and Mizzima charity organization and other organizations and the Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association assisted patients who were suffering from the different maladies. Charity organizations from Minephyat Townhsip and Tachelik Township furnished financial funds for blood tests for goiter patients.



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