Free treatment for hepatitis at new clinic in Mandalay


A hepatitis clinic called ‘Byanmaso’ opened in Mandalay on 11 October and will provide free medical treatment to people with hepatitis B and C. The facility was donated by prominent hepatitis specialist Professor Dr Khin Maung Win and his wife, Dr Khin Lay Yee.
The clinic will provide K300,000 (US$233) a month for treating hepatitis C patients and K250,000 ($194) for hepatitis B and treatment will last until full recovery is made. The affiliate ‘Byanmaso’ social welfare association will also assist with providing free medical treatment to patients according to their economic status.
Dr Khin Maung Win advised the patients to avoid chemically dyed foods, varieties of mushrooms containing toxins, binge drinking and to consult a medical practitioner if symptoms arise. He also advised against non-sterile blood transfusions as well as unsterilised dental and tattoo instruments.
The prevalence rate of hepatitis C in Myanmar is 4 percent.

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