Freedom is not free, come let us reason together

By nature, all of us want freedom. Especially when we are under foreign rule, we want it more. We want to live, say, go about and work freely. So long as one’s freedom does not harm others, freedom will be a lovable thing for everyone. Once in the past, we were robbed of our rights—right of governing our country, right of expressing what we wish, and so on. Colonialists occupied our country, seized our natural resources, and exploited our minerals. The worst thing is that they destroyed the unity among our national brethren. Armed with whatever weapons they had, such as it was, compared to those of our enemy, our forefathers fought against the colonialists for the freedom and independence they longed for, sacrificing their lives. Since the time we lost our independence, we, Myanmar people including national ethnic brethren living across the nation, took part in our determined struggle to liberate ourselves from colonial rule. This depicts that patriotism conceived in us emerged spontaneously if demanded by circumstances.
Well convinced of being unable to fight against the colonialists with incomparable weapons, the Thirty comrades led by Bogyoke Aung San decided to get military assistance and training from a great alien country to wage war against the enemy. Formed by Bogyoke Aung San, the Burma Independence Army (BIA) that is, the Tatmadaw fought against the colonialists hand in hand with the patriotic national ethnic brethren. Freedom is not free. It was won by blood, toil, sweat and tears. Now, Myanmar had gained its Independence for nearly 7 decades.
Sorrowfully enough, since the time of gaining our Independence, solidarity among us—our national brethren, has been broken into pieces. Our country did not develop as we had hoped. Instead, some areas have not been able to completely enjoy the taste of independence yet. We hear and see news about our displaced brethren in our dailies and social web pages like Facebook. Whenever we see such desperate faces, deep sorrow occurs in us. At the time when our urban children are enjoying themselves on streets, in parks and at entertainment shows on Independence Day, they may be waiting for humanitarian assistance and relief supplies from donors, or lying in places without shelters and blankets. The joy of learning in is still an impossible dream for them. Now is the time for all of us to make them dream their futures and fulfill their hopes. We all know what brought about these conditions. Unless we remove our doubts, fears, mistrusts and mutual misunderstandings, we will never ever reach an agreement we all want and hope for.
Peace cannot be attained through fighting. Conflicts will increase hatred and ceaseless fighting. Now we are beginning to see the dawn of peace. The 21st Century Panglong Conference is our unique solution to reach our goal—attainment of nationwide eternal peace. For the benefit of our country and betterment of our future generations, now is the time for all to come forth for meaningful and sincere and honest dialogues at the round-table negotiations. However, there is one important condition and that is we all need to sign the nationwide ceasefire agreement as a first step. We firmly believe that we will reach our desired goal if we all make gaining internal peace our top priority. Let us forget about the gains and benefits of the present moment and work heart and soul for the long-term happiness, peace and prosperity of our future generations.

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