Fresh green tea leaf soon to be exported to US market

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Farmers harvesting tea leaves in a hilly region. The number of tea leaf consumers has increased in the US. Photo: Khine Set Wai

Local tea leaf suppliers are exploring new export markets and 17 tons of Myanmar’s fresh green tea leaf will be shipped to the US on 28 September, said Daw Yupa, director from Rathawathi Company in Mandalay.
Myanmar’s fresh green tea leaf has been exported to the US market since 2015. About 17-20 tons of organic fresh green tea leaf are yearly exported. Only 17 tons of tea leaf meet the US’s market standard this year, and it is going to be sent this Friday.
“Previously, tea leaf export occurs in June and July. However, seeking FDA certificate prior to export, delayed the export this year. Fresh tea leaf can bring about many opportunities to this industry, penetrating more international markets. It is exported to foreign markets as raw material without being soaked in cooking oil”, she said.
Myanmar’s fresh tea leaf is placed on markets in San Francisco, California, US. It is getting more export market shares on account of its health benefit.
“We practice corporate social responsibility in supply chain from farm to consumers. We try to offer better services and support to the market”, she continued.
Myanmar’s tea leaves bring a good reputation in the export market. Tea leaves are being showcased in international expos, as only some foreigners have knowledge of fresh tea leaf consumption. It also aims to show off tea custom in Myanmar to guests at international exhibitions.
Daw Nyo Nyo Sein, chair of Myanmar Tea Association
said that tea leaves are displayed at some super markets in foreign countries. Foreigners
have come to appreciate it, after trying it. The number of tea leaf consumers has increased in US.
Myanmar Tea Association is endeavoring to introduce tea leaf to foreign markets. Myanmar’s tea leaf has penetrated to markets in China and some regional countries, such as Laos, Singapore, etc.


Khine Set Wai

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