Freshly harvested ginger arrives in markets

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Freshly harvested ginger from Pindaya Township, Danu Self-administered Zone, southern Shan State, has reached the market this month.
Ginger cultivation was started in the villages along Zawgyi Creek last March. Farmers harvested the fresh ginger in early January of this year and sent them to wholesale centres in the states and regions.
A farmer said, “Based on their size and freshness, they are being sold for Ks300-Ks450 per viss (3.6 pounds) in the domestic market. A viss of ginger was worth Ks200-300 last year.”
Ginger is mostly grown in 14 villages in the Shwepahto and Theingon village-tract along Zawgyi Creek.
The cultivation cost of ginger is between Ks1 million and Ks1.5 million per acre, while an acre can produce some 8,000 viss of ginger, according to farmers.
Ginger is one of Myanmar’s marketable export items to Bangladesh. Anticipating healthy exports, authorities are planning to grow ginger in Rakhine State on a commercial scale.


Khin Myo Nwe (Pindaya)

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