From classrooms to our country’s future

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Our basic education schools begin their teaching year at the same time as when the monsoon enters our country.
While parents are busy with preparations for sending their children to school, children are active in learning their lessons, reuniting with their old friends, and sharing their experiences from the summer with each other.
A school, however, should not be considered institutions only for teaching school children. In fact, our children’s horizons are broadened at schools. Our schools also teach our children good habits, manners and knowledge about health, including personal hygiene. In the school environment, our children develop their esprit de corps by themselves, while taking part in sports and physical activities. While learning and making cultural arts, they come to love the arts and to know the value of the natural environment.
They gain most, not from the teaching at school, but from relations and cooperation with their friends.
In fact, a school is a place which produces a dignified life, which includes honesty, sympathy and benevolence.
Therefore, we should understand how important investment in schools is.
In other words, it is not wasteful spending. It is, in fact, a strategic investment in our country’s future. It is important for every country’s future to place its emphasis on the physical and mental development of children, and for them to achieve their full intellectual capabilities.
Hence, it is necessary to adopt a policy that envisions a definite goal to create a stable educational system to transform classrooms in which children will be happy, and to upgrade school facilities.
Further, teachers need to think of how to keep students happy in classes while they learn their lessons. Students will become educated if they are happy when they come to school. And if the educational system is correct and good, we will be able to catch up with other countries in a short time
Meanwhile, we should make every effort for children to develop early, so they might become valuable and important human resources of our Union.
Students in our country need to be good in a unique way, in comparison with other countries. They should be outstanding in education, as well as in morality and in team work. Our citizens need to be good at working together in groups. We need to produce youths who will make our society happy and to develop it. And teachers will play the major role in these endeavours.

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