From Small Hut to Standard Hospital

Italian surgeons and local Myanmar surgeons posed for a photo call. Photo: Sayar Mya
Italian surgeons and local Myanmar surgeons posed for a photo call. Photo: Sayar Mya

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Moving Forward
After fulfilling the first hurdle, Kyaswa Sayadaw tried the second hurdle. The first stage was set and fulfilled. Then Sayadaw moved for the second stage.
At that time, the Sagaing – Min Goon motor road had already been commissioned and the community is using smoothly. Due to the smooth functioning of the Sagaing – Min Goon Road, Dr. Lakkhana conceived the idea of saving lives of the critical patients in the remote hilly areas by accepting them as in patients at Wachet Health Care Unit through the uses of motor road.
Sayadaw Dr. Lakkhana wanted to upgrade the dispensary into a small hospital to accommodate critical patients as inpatients. Unfortunately, the then dispensary was not wide enough to accommodate inpatients. The health unit was to be enlarged and upgraded into hospital.
Upgrading the health unit
One pleasant afternoon, Sayadaw Dr. Lakkhana invited senior Directive-Owada Sayadaws and Executive Members Sayadaws to his Kyaswa religious resort chamber. He supplicated the idea of enlarging and upgrading the health unit into a standard hospital to enable to accept critical patients as inpatient from the surrounding villages.
The attendees such as senior Directive-Owada Sayadaws, Executive Member Sayadaws and the lay disciples had agreed the proposal unanimously as they had full faith in the ability of Dr. Lakkhana.
After a few weeks, the happy occasion had been realized on 20 October 1987 by initial ground breaking and stake driving ceremony for the 50-bed hospital. Next, small square pits to erect the foundation pillars were systematically dug.  The task took a few months.
On Wednesday 2 March 1988, foundation laying ceremony was successfully held to shape a 50-bed hospital.
Day by day, the construction of Wachet Hospital came up into “Standard Hospital” structure.
This was a short chronicle on the theme “From Small Hut to Standard Hospital”.
Round up for 2011 to 2015
2010-2011: Outpatients 22,283; Inpatients 3,710.
2011-2012: Outpatients 22,958; Inpatients 4,339.
2012-2013: Outpatients 53,278; Inpatients 14,358.
2013-2014: Outpatients 83,727; Inpatients 9,078
2014-2015: Outpatients 48,667; Inpatients 8,243.
The above narration and the chronological events and donations of well wishers are the clear manifestation of the amazing and remarkable achievements of the four storied 327 feet by 40 feet building of Wachet Jivitadana Sangha Hospital in Sagaing Hills.
Such achievements and successes that overwhelmed the Sangha Hospital have come a long way stretching for more than 25 long years.
Over the long extended 25 years, Kyaswa Resort Sayadaw Dr. Lakkhana travelled extensively inside the country as well as abroad delivering sermons and guiding Vipassana Insight Meditation. At the same time, Dr. Lakkhana clarified the ongoing project of Wachet Sangha Hospital in Sagaing Hills.
When his disciples across the country and abroad came to know about the aim and objective of the hospital, their faith and generosity grew very fast and started to donate cash and kind for the hospital.
Over the years, foreign doctors and foreign donor agencies came to know the philanthropic activities of the Wachet Hospital. Offer of logistic assistances and expertise started to roll in from the foreign countries.
In the past years, motley assortment of medical treatment was offered by foreign doctors hand in hand with the local Myanmar physicians, surgeons and doctors with the assistance of the home trained technicians and nurses.
Each calendar year, treatment projects of foreign teams are filled up from January to December.
The year 2015 witnessed many foreign teams offered medical treatment to patients.
The first half of 2016 is also witnessing many foreign doctors at the hospital.
All the members of the Logistic and Supervisory Committees donated cash and kind by themselves, and also raised funds from the relatives and friends for the hospital.
Moreover, Members of the Health Care Professional Group also contributed the professional skills in the treatment of the patients in addition to their donation of cash and kind. They also inspired other friends in the medical profession to come together to donate and to offer treatment.
Well wishers, philanthropists and generous donors came forward and took part in the donation wholeheartedly. Moreover, they encouraged and motivated others to involve in the humanitarian tasks of the Wachet Hospital.
At the guidance of the Kyaswa Sayadaw Dr. Lakkhana, the well wishers, good hearted people and professionals are always active and dynamic in the development task of the hospital. That was why the hospital turned up from “Small Hut to Standard Hospital”.
However, it is to keep in mind those successes and achievements of the hospital should be maintained for the years to come. All well wishers concerned must keep up the momentum with much significance and consideration.
No one should take it lightly.
Therefore, in line with the guidance of Dr. Lakkhana, the well wishers, philanthropists and health care professionals must seriously keep in mind that they have the obligation to solicit funds from the donors in topping up the “Eternal Funds” of the hospital to keep the Wachet Jivitadana Sangha Hospital in motion.
All persons connected with the hospital, including foreign doctors and foreign donors, vow to work together in keeping the “Small Hut to Standard Hospital” moving ahead in full steam.

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