Fuel prices fall in Yangon

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A fuel station in Yangon. Photo: Moe Makha

The fuel prices in Yangon City have risen to the recorded high in recent months, but have fallen slightly on recent days, according to filling stations of Yangon.
“The fuel prices drop recently. The officials notified the stations of selling at normal prices since last month. I have been driving a taxi for over a decade. I have never faced such difficulties before. I stopped my driving as the fuel prices were drastically high last months. Myanmar’s economic market also creeps up faster than the planes. Although it has been creeping up quickly, it drops in a slow momentum. But we get used to facing such case in Myanmar,” said a taxi driver Ko Myint Kyaw.
In September, the Ministry of Commerce and Myanmar Fuel Importers Association jointly conducted the measures to sell the fuel at the fairer prices at 231 filling stations across the nation. Due to the queuing of vehicles at these designated fuel stations in Yangon, some stations reduce the prices than the fixed ones and liters, according to car owners.
At these designated filling stations across the nation including Yangon, they sold at K1,122 per litere for Ron 92 while K1,117per litre for diesel and K1,124 per litere for premium diesel starting 22 September. However, these stations are currently run out of allocated oil and they sell as usual.
The fuel prices in Yangon yesterday were K1,455 per litre for 92 octane, K1,490 per litre for 95 octane, K1,470 per litre for diesel and K1,475 per liter for premium diesel. Although the prices of fuel are different depending on the station, they become lower than before.—Myintmo/GNLM

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