Future first, egos second

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Kyaw Thura

Humans can be funny sometimes. We speak about our love for peace and stability in one breath and then can go and do something that completely contradicts that the next. Strange as it may seem, violent films tend to bring in more money at the box office than those portraying love and romance. As Isaac Newton once said, “I can calculate the motion of heavily bodies but not the madness of people.”
Over the past six decades, there are people in certain parts of Myanmar that never had so much as a taste of peace or stability. Their lives have been defined by armed conflict. These innocent victims, who belong to a number of ethnic groups, desperately want the army and ethnic armed groups to spare succeeding generations from the blight of internal strife. It causes nothing but anguish and as such, ought to exist no more.
The signing of the nationwide ceasefire accord, which is scheduled to take place on 15 October, will naturally be welcomed as a new dawn for Myanmar’s future. The restoration of peace will quicken our efforts to make progress in economic, education and society more broadly.
It is therefore vital that ethnic armed groups and the government exercise tolerance and live in harmony with one another: this is necessary for the greater good of achieving national unity and peace.
The time is ripe for all stakeholders to respect the principles of equal rights and self-determination for ethnic groups and to make every effort to cement national unity. With this end in view, it is time for everyone to put our future before our egos.

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