The Future Goal in Vacation

By Thit Thit Zaw, Grade-11 (I.S.M)
momma and baby ducksIt is quit common these days for young people in many counties to have a break from studying after graduating from high school. Some people think that it is better for students to attend university, while other believe that travelling and working before joining the university for formal education is better for the students to understand about the outside world. In my opinion, taking a break before starting the university studies has more pros and fewer cons.
It is undeniable that students from the wealthy family background prefer to go on a trip to abroad. This type of travelling helps them to improve their interaction skills. Also they can learn a lot of things about the country they visit like culture, fashion, languages and so on. This is the absolute way to explore their mind and gain social dealing knowledge. Those who lack the money will surely tend to work for a year time. Working is one of the best options to learn business strategies over small span of time. It is the place where you can get to work with people from different age groups. Therefore, qualities like that will automatically grow with you.
There are some serious problem with the idea that, students who take up a break from their studies might not continue with their studies after a year. As they are juvenile, they can have lack in decision-making. It might be a burden to their future career. There will be a chance of inequality among students in the university, between the rich and poor students.
In conclusion, at the age of puberty, especially while deciding to take a break right after their high school, a student should have a proper guidance and career goal. Thus, the students will get motivation to accomplish any task in their future.

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