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GAD workshop focuses on identifying detailed plans for its reform framework

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Union Minister U Min Thu delivers the speech at the opening ceremony of second workshop in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday. Photo: MNA

The General Administration Department held a second workshop to identify the detailed plans for implementing the sector-wise projects included in its draft reform framework.
Union Minister for the Office of Union Government U Min Thu delivered speech at the opening ceremony of second workshop held at the Horizon Lake View Hotel in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday morning.
He said the GAD has adopted a draft reform framework that includes the three processes for reform plan, the six working areas, the expected sector-wise results and the detailed plans in the first workshop.
He also quoted the State Counsellor as saying the establishment of a frame-work for a multi-model collaboration based on the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan(MSDP) to assist the Union government organization, region/state governments in working for the emergence of a federal union.
The second workshop will focus on the good governance, the development of organizational capacity and the promotion of collaboration between the public and the state, which are included under the Goal 1: Peace, National Reconciliation, Security & Good Governance of Pillar One- Peace and Stability.

The Union Minister also suggested the participants at the second workshop to discuss the targeted plans to be implemented by the end of this year and the finalization of manual for wards and village-tracts during this period, and the tasks of ward and village-tracts administrators in this manual.
U Min Thu also discussed the manual needs to include the specific tasks of ward and village-tract administrators as they are trying to enforce the 2012 Ward and Village Tract Administration Law and its bylaws.
He also asked for the plans to organize town hall meetings regular exposure to the public and to facilitate their needs.
The Union Minister concluded his speech as he called for the ideas to identify the detailed plans in the second workshop for implementing One State One Township project.
The Director General of GAD reported on reform activities of his department, draft reform framework, and expectations from the second workshop.
The Shan State’s GAD officer clarified the establishments of rubbish from zones and narcotic drug free zones in Kalaw and Aungban townships of southern Shan State under the One State One Township project.
Until 30 August at the same venue, the workshop will discuss policies on implementing the sector-wise goals and results and exchange views on solving possible challenges in the process.
The opening ceremony of the workshop was attended by Deputy Minister for the Office of Union Government U Tin Myint, the Director-General of GAD, advisors of the Union Minister, the former GAD staff members, experts, administrators from Nay Pyi Taw, states and regions, district GAD administrators, officials from the Ministry of the Office of Union Government and the invited guests.—MNA
(Translated by Aung Khin)

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