Gaining Both Secular Success and Spiritual Merit

  • Tommy Pauk

There is no one who does not want secular success in life. Every sensible person wishes to make secular success and gain spiritual merit. Some people concentrate only on striving for secular success and they do neglect the spiritual merit. According to the ability and vigorous efforts of a person, he or she can obtain secular success in life. We must be able to endure hardship and failures with composure before gaining success. Spiritual merit can be attained by doing good deeds in life. The persons who refrain from doing evil deeds can gain spiritual merit. This belief or concept is embraced by all civilized peoples on earth. In other words, this is a universal truth for all mankind indeed. It is no doubt that the philanthropists, benevolent persons, charitable donors and righteous persons can gain spiritual merit. The very basic concept of humanitarianism is that we must have compassion, humanity, benignity, and loving kindness. All the religious teachings are based on doing meritorious deeds and cultivating human minds to possess compassion. The religious faith and its respective practices aim to endure peace and create harmony among fellow human beings on earth.
To be able to achieve secular success in life, we ought to have the quality of thinking or behaving in a correct and honest way. A person who does not succeed in life struggle is living dead. Actually, failures are the stepping stones to reach a goal of success. Rectitude, hard-work, good-judgment and dogged perseverance lead a person to achieve secular success in life. These days, people are inspired by the successful persons in education, art, science, politics, innovation, economy, business and so on. They are facing or experiencing lots of challenges and competitions in striving for making secular success. They also get caught up in the rat race in every field. Most of the people living in the urban areas or concrete jungle are craving for material wealth and material gains in this IT age around the world. Some unscrupulous persons use unfair or dishonest way for making success in a particular society. As a consequence, they feel guilty-consciousness for their malpractice in their minds. Normally, ambition, motivation and ego are driving factors to achieve success in human endeavor in life. It is human nature that we want to succeed in education, business, sports, arts and so on. However, the achievement of one’s aim cannot be easily obtained in life. There are many obstacles to be overcome before achieving secular success. Simultaneously, we want to fulfill our cravings of creature comforts while striving for secular success in secular society. In addition, we seek worldly pleasure while we are alive. Even if we gain secular success, we ought to maintain it securely. If a person succeeds in various fields in secular society, he or she is likely to be a vainglorious person. It is very important to tame our minds that we should not be too proud of our secular successes or triumphs when we attain them. We must bear in mind that if we forget our origins and become conceited, we will encounter our downfall eventually. This means that we will lose our money, property, power, social positions and fame. In this case, everyone should be aware of the impact of haughtiness caused by secular success. Humans have a natural disposition to be good, but the character is changed due to excessive pride or conceit.
It is hardly ever to gain the secular success and spiritual merit on equal ratio in life. Some people try hard to gain spiritual merit in accord with the religious faith they profess. Different people around the world profess to different religion. Nevertheless, all the religious teachings guide the believers or disciples to behave honestly and correctly for gaining the secular success in life. Then they do have their own practices to attain spiritual merit with specific doctrines. The focal point of all faith is based on charitable work, charitable donation, compassion, peace and harmony for all mankind in deed. We all are taught not to commit sins or do evil deeds by the respective religions in human society. Good moral behaviors and meritorious deeds lead us to attain spiritual merit. Basically spiritual merit is regarded as an award for those who refrain from committing sins and doing evil deeds in human life. We value that award and eagerly want it for eternal life before attaining Nivarna. We ought to analyze our conduct and contributions toward humanity so that we will be able to improve or upgrade our meritorious deeds and charitable work as much as we can. Essentially, we need to gain both secular success and spiritual merit. We must value the human existence because humans can attain the enlightenment if they practice correctly. However, if a person behaves recklessly and does nothing for spiritual merit, he or she will meet crisis certainly. A man without secular success is like a vehicle without fuel. Similarly, a man who does not attempt for gaining spiritual merit is like a traveler without map or itinerary indeed. We understand the value and benefit of human life. As a matter of fact, we need to live beneficially, wisely and honestly in secular society. In order to enjoy the tempting luxuries in modern age, we have to work harder than before. At the same time, we strive for secular success with stable life. Since we are associated with other fellow human beings, we need to contribute to the social welfare activities by showing a sociable disposition. Thus, we realize that a secular success alone is not meaningful or complete for human life. Therefore, we also pay attention to the practice or work for gaining spiritual merit. We follow and practice in conformity with our faith, aiming to gain spiritual merit successfully.

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