Garbage dump under observation for heat emissions

Fire fighters stationed near the garbage dump. PhotO: Pe Zaw
Fire fighters stationed near the garbage dump. PhotO: Pe Zaw

Although the fire at the Htein Bin garbage dump in Hlinethaya Township, Yangon Region has been put out, heat continued to be emitted from the ground under the garbage dump and was kept under observation for the second day running.
U Zaw Min Oo of Hmawbi Township Fire Services Department, who was leading the group observing the fire, said, “Due to the heat underneath, some places were emitting heat. The heat emitting places were kept under close observation by groups. There were no fires in those places, but heat was emitted in the form of smoke and the heat can turn into a fire. That is why these places are put under observation and preventive actions are being taken. We will continue keeping any places under observation where heat is being emitted.”
“Due to the light rain today, the roads (in the garbage dump) were slippery. In some places, fire engines can’t enter because of this. Manpower is used to overturn the earth by axes and fire hooks in places that are not reachable by the fire engines and is doused with water to reduce the heat”, he added.
Light rain fell for about half an hour yesterday afternoon, but after the rain, heat continued to be emitted and groups were formed in zones A, B, C and D to keep the places under observations.
Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) Pollution Control and Cleansing Department Deputy Head Dr. AungMyint Maw said, “Today, some zones are emitting heat. We connected pipes in order to douse it with water. Heavy machineries are used to form roads (in the garbage dump) for the fire engines. In some places where it is required, our YCDC personnel are cooperating with the fire department personnel.”
More than a hundred fire department personnel, police, and YCDC personnel together with fire engines, water bowsers and heavy machineries are keeping the place under observation and conducting preventive measure when required while welfare associations and public donors are donating food.
A movie actress, Ma Tu, said “When the fire in the garbage dump started, I was away in Rakhine State shooting a movie. I wanted to help since then. Now, even though the fire was put out, I’m here to pass to the fire department personnel and people helping them foods and materials donated by Saint John Latha (2). I’m glad on behalf of donors who made donations.”
At the moment, a combined force of more than 100 is keeping the smoke emissions under observation and putting out any leftover fires.  Zaw Gyi

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