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Garlic price jumps on closure of Sino-Myanmar border post

Garlic2 mk

Farmer is showering thiriving garlic plantation.

The price of garlic (Kyukok variety) imported by China is on the rise tracking the shutdown of the border post between Myanmar and China, Mawlamyine commodity depot stated.
The shortage of this garlic variety happened following the closure of the Sino-Myanmar border posts.
Consequently, the price hike occurred in the retail market, with exorbitant price of K5,100 per viss (a viss equals to 1.6 kg).
The garlic price may vary depending on the COVID-19 containment measures. The price of garlic (Kyukok variety) is primarily related to the permit of the border posts.
The price of garlic moved in the range of K1,900-K2,950 per viss on 1 July.
The market, however, sees a gradual rise in prices between K3,500 and K4,000 per viss.
The price stays on the upward trend on 18 July, ranging between K2,600 and K5,100 per viss depending on the different varieties.—NN/GNLM

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