Gemological Institute of Myanmar, gems laboratory, opened yesterday

IMG 20160628 101153 72To improve the quality of gems and jewellery education and enhance Myanmar’s gems sector, the Gemological Institute of Myanmar (GIM), along with a gems laboratory, was opened at Junction City Tower yesterday.
Union Minister for Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation U Ohn Win and Yangon Region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein expressed their congratulations during the opening ceremony of the institute.
GIM’s faculty consists of retired professors, local and foreign gem experts and executive members of Myanmar’s Gems and Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association. GIM was opened, along with the gems lab and a gems research centre.
This institute aims to produce gem and jewellery experts proficient in global standards, conduct research regarding gem and jewellery education, and help support the development of sectors related to the gem industry.
GIM will offer courses in gem education, jewellery design, gem and jewellery management and gem photography. GIM’s curricula are better than those of American-based GIA and Britain-based FGA diploma courses.
GIM will open one-month courses on ‘Introduction to Jewellery’, ‘Introduction to Diamonds’ and ‘Introduction to coloured stones’ on 14 February. Those who pass these courses can continue to attend diploma courses, said U Waila Win, CEO of GIM.
The gem laboratory will provide testing services for gems and jewellery, as well as grading services to determine prices, he added. Previously, the Gem Lab Certificate had to be obtained abroad, limiting businesses and endangering the security of those carrying gems to seek certificates abroad.
Now, the GIM lab will provide certificates for gems and jewellery, he added. This lab will help identify real and fake gems and jewellery items, detect colour-enhanced and synthetic gems, determine the origins of rubies, sapphires and emeralds, and identify CVD or HPHT synthetic diamonds.
The gem research centre will also disseminate information about gems and jewellery to the public, and conduct research activities on gems and jewellery and the places where these gems and jewellery are mined, said U Waila Win.
The GIM’s research activities will require global recognition, and for this, seminars must be conducted, said Dr Yin Yin New from GIM.
“The future generation is important to the gems sector, compared to advanced technology. The faculty, as well as the young people, need life-long learning,” she pointed out.
Union Minister U Ohn Win said the government had encouraged the opening of the gem lab. A gem institute and the advanced gem lab will ensure customers can determine if their gems and jewellery are real or fake, he noted.
Yangon Region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein encouraged GIM to have a globally-recognised lab. Efforts were started to open the GIM lab and research centre three years ago.

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