Genuine Peace, Loving Kindness and Democracy

Hailing 71st Anniversary Independence Day

  • By Innyatra
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A special meeting between the Union Government and NCA Signatory EAOs in Nay Pyi Taw on October 16, 2018. Photo: MNA

Well experienced political pundits have defined and expounded that exchanging and sharing loving kindness between two sides could be termed and expressed as genuine principles of democracy.
When this definition is correct and true, then the genuine principles of democracy is about sharing and entrusting loving kindness, friendship and ties of closer relations, and in other words, the loving kindness is tantamount to peace.
Today, the road to democracy in Myanmar is based and founded on loving kindness. Agreeing to disagree with independent mind and having the guts to embrace the harsh criticism are the genuine principles of democracy. Tolerance, forbearance and endurance are in fact the genuine loving kindness.
Greed, anger and ignorance usually skirt the spirit and soul of all human beings in this mundane world. When these three bad elements are broaden and enlarged, things move into the harm’s way and wreak havoc.
Ongoing civil wars in many countries are the job of the three negative elements, resulting with deaths and destructions, and forcing people into war torn misery. These three appalling elements also bring deadly arms and ammunitions.

Deaths and Destructions
For regaining independence, Myanmar fought against imperialists and Fascists, and that 27 March 1945 was the day on which the country revolt against Fascists. Following the fight against the Fascists for about six months, the Second World War had ended, with alarming death tolls from both sides compounded with damages.
During the revolution, many of our patriots made a sacrifice of their own life for the goal and died in the war by fighting against the aggressors and enemies for whom we had neither regret nor remorse.
We observed the situation as the consequence and result of the war.
Bad and worse intangible inheritances were left behind after the war in Myanmar such as that of killing each other, that of holding deadly arms and ammunitions, that of antagonistic mindsets and immoral mentality.
During the height of heavy war, killing the enemies and aggressors was the usual and typical occurrence, and that was apathetic and indifferent feeling to people. The cruelty and ugliness of war was to be considered as remorse and repentance.

Regret and remorse
Just three months after regaining the independence in the nation, the brethren who fought the enemies together as band of brothers turned their weapons against each other and killed, leaving behind death, destruction and untold miseries, adding with misery and remorse.
In the age old tradition and culture of Myanmar community and society, the argument and fight among the brethren usually is temporary, and they soon catch as close and intimate brothers. Such pattern and prototype is gone into thin air in the country, and the hostility persisted for over (70) years.

Breach of trust
The inheritance of mistrust is dangerous and hazardous, and that the anger and the ignorance should be viewed as lessons and stopped it.
The Republic of the Union Myanmar is a nation where our diverse nationalities reside together on the same land, drinking the same source of water and holding each other in arms as if same offspring.
Traditionally in Myanmar, quarrel and enmity occurred only for a few while, and returning into normal close relation is the way of life of the past. The changing pattern and paradigm of hostility after the rule of colonialism and in the post-independence era should be reviewed and analyzed with seriousness. Now is the time that we are implementing genuine democracy.
If we are aspiring for genuine democracy, we must abandon and discard the egotism and cancelled the notion “I am right”. We must initiate the approach of loving kindness, as the essence of democracy.

Building Peace
Democracy means tolerance, forbearance, sharing and paying back, and that it could be summed up as loving kindness.
The ego and the self-image should be washed out, and think the events from the angle of both sides.
The stage has been set to reflect from both sides, and the animosity has to be pushed away to the backyard, pointing the way to the road of genuine democracy. Moreover, the gateway to the peace pavilion has been opened up and the screen play for peace show has been released.
Democratic transition is to be implemented along with the peace building. In order words, it is to build peace while implementing democracy.
Democracy accompanies peace through loving kindness. It is to be noted that 21 December 2018 brings in the auspiciousness to the country and the people of Myanmar.
Stopping the war and making ceasefire could only be realized through loving kindness, compassion and empathy, which in turn save lives and put away death and destruction in the country. The auspicious and promising news has emerges.
The three ethnic armed groups, MNTJP, PSLF, and ULA, announced on 12 December that they will stop all armed operations and will continue to participate in the national reconciliation and peace process without resorting to violence.
Following the statement, an announcement about ceasefire and eternal peace was made by the Tatmadaw Commander-in-Chief Office on 21 December 2018 which stated that in order to conduct these discussions Tatmadaw will cease all its region wise military operations from 21 December 2018 to 30 April 2019. The artillery fires and gun shots would be silent in the ethnic areas for four months and ten days.

Genuine Loving Kindness and Democracy
Over the years, eight ethnic armed groups came forward and signed the NCA, followed by two ethnic armed groups. And now, three ethnic armed groups have pledged in working out to make the guns silent, for which the whole country is sure to utter the traditional term “well done”.
Loving kindness, compassion and empathy would create an atmosphere of love, peace and joy; however, we have to wait and see whether the calm ambience is temporary or eternal. Hopefully, the peace is forever.
The time is auspicious as it coincides with the 71st Anniversary of Independence Day. When the guns fell silent with the celebrations of Independence, it is an omen of peace in the first step depicting the essence of independence. Independence means the crafting of democracy; and that democracy means spreading loving kindness; and that the loving kindness generates peace.
These days, we often hear the utterance and expression of “Stop War”. Conflicts and wars popped up through two armed groups or more, and that they have to stop by themselves. It is not the task of one group only.
Now, we are witnessing the start of ceasefire in pragmatic approach.
The writer of this article is optimistic that the people would be calm and serene as the loving kindness is being enveloped over them, and that the Union of Myanmar may have peace and prosperity.

Translated by UMT (Ahlon)

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