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  • The Union Government is making efforts to speed up the national verification process, the first step in the process towards citizenship, in accordance with the existing laws and regulations.
    While we are ready for repatriation of displaced people, we have understood that it is necessary to raise awareness about the national verification process, and the eight benefits of holding an NVC prepared in the Myanmar and English languages. Because, only if there is an understanding, will the displaced persons return and the repatriation works be accomplished.
    Hence, the Union Government has made arrangements for NV card applicants to simultaneously apply for the citizenship scrutinization process.
    Leaflets that outline the national verification process and advantages of NVC and responsibilities of NVC holder were also distributed to the displaced persons.
    As a first step, freedom of movement for those holding NVC is granted in Maungtaw District, and the authorities are trying to expand this to other districts.
    This is also one of the recommendations of the Advisory Board to the Committee on Implementation of the Recommendations on Rakhine State.
    We are considering and discussing to conduct the comparative study of the citizenship laws and practices on some ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia and Laos etc.
    At the same time, anyone who makes threats against the National Verification Card issuing programme will not be tolerated will be brought to court in accordance with the law. The work of verifying identification and issuing NV Cards is a priority for the government and it is also playing an important role in bringing development to the Rakhine State
    The mobile teams of the Rakhine State Immigration and Population Department have made numerous field trips to villages in Maungtaw, explaining to villagers the merits of having an NV card.
    Meanwhile, authorities announced they will take action against anyone who threatens villagers under the Counter-Terrorism Law.
    At the beginning of the NVC issuing programme, 18 townselders have been killed, and three are still missing. Villagers were also threatened by some organizations and ARSA terrorists not to apply for the NVC card, and those villagers who participated in the NVC card issuing process were given death threats.
    We have taken necessary steps to assure full advantages and benefits of NVC holders and to properly indentify the people crossing the border.
    We are committed to achieving a durable solution for peace and prosperity in Rakhine State.
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