Gift for future generations

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  • It is rather unfortunate that we have entered the 21st century amid problems triggered by climate change and natural disasters.
    Natural disasters, including heavy rainfall, floods, droughts, earthquakes along with rising temperatures and cold waves, are besieging the world at present, leaving behind a trail of destruction and human tragedy.
    Famines, epidemics, lack of peace and stability, the constant sounds of unending war in many places of the world — these problems, which are mostly man-made, are increasing the degree of destruction and human tragedy.
    How long will the Earth remain a habitable abode? How long will it be able to sustain life? Is our planet still a pleasant place? These are the questions before today’s generation. And, we need answers and solutions for the survival of future generations.
    These questions about our future have often given rise to heated arguments, especially among the educated communities and coming-of-age youths.
    Is it fair for us to leave future generations to grapple with calamities and suffering? We must take this question into account seriously. We must not leave our youth in the present situation, where disasters both man-made and natural, rule the planet.
    If we do so, we will be labelled by history as irresponsible. In fact, we ourselves are the victims of ignorance, greed, irresponsibility, and selfishness perpetuated by the past generations. We must take care to not hand down this evil legacy to the coming generations and take steps to end it.
    If we cannot protect and preserve nature, stop wars and restore peace, and think about solving the basic problems of food, clothing, and shelter by adopting a comprehensive outlook, the survival of the human race would be in grave danger.
    We are aware that famine is rampant, wars are displacing people, and natural disasters are placing people in harm’s way. In such a situation, is it right for us to continue with ignorance, greed, irresponsibility, and selfishness?
    It’s time we change our mindsets and seek the means to save the world, otherwise the human race will be wiped out.
    Today’s generation is not only responsible for the survival of future ones, but also for their prosperity. So, what will be our gift for the future generations? We must think carefully and make the best choice.
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