Giving a bribe is equally as bad as taking it

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Corruption, which is the single greatest challenge that erodes and defeats efforts made by many nations towards sustainable development, is a significant problem for democracies throughout the world. Even the most democratic countries constantly face the threat of corruption and the consequences.
Individual responsibility of every citizen is critical for reducing corruption in democracies. In a democracy, all are responsible to think about which responsibility they have and how they can contribute towards the society rather than what they can get from the country.
The integrity of a country depends on how far it can free from corruption. This is because corruption is also crucial for promoting and strengthening of democratic institutions and values.
Public procurement, the process by which public authorities purchase goods or services from companies or businesses, takes up a huge share of public expenditures and has always been susceptible to corruption. Corruption is defined as dishonest or illegal behavior especially by people in authority.
During the recent talks between the Myanmar Anti-Corruption Commission and local business leaders, the businessmen expressed their worries of corruption. This is a good sign that entrepreneurs hate corruption. Not only those who take bribes but also the ones who give bribes are responsible for corruption and they must be arrested and punished. Some givers can give reasons that they cannot work without giving bribes. If so, they can lodge complaints to the Anti-Corruption Commission anytime.
The complaints from the business sector are very helpful for the commission to take necessary actions against the malpractices.
Sub-section (A) of Section-3 of the Anti-Corruption Law with fourth amendments has prevented corruption and the abuse of power by making use of a position in the government’s administration.
The new section is aimed at fighting the abuse of power and preventing the misuse of public money.
The commission has received a large number of complaints against delays and malpractices in granting tenders to private companies. That sector is considered the corruption prone area.
To speed up the business process, we need to abolish the red tape that burdens the people and the businesses and eradicate corruption and bribery that plagues all levels of society as we work to strengthen the moral fibre of our people.
To streamline the procedures for operating businesses, the Ministry of Planning and Finance and the Myanmar Investment Commission is stepping up their works to remove bottlenecks and accelerate the implementation process.
The business leaders, on their part, are also urged to oppose corruption and should take this task as a duty and a responsibility.

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